Cinnamon for weight loss

As a means for fat loss cinnamon was introduced to the public recently. Due to the high efficiency in the challenging but very useful fact Eastern spice quickly became popular among those who dream of a slender body. Accessibility, ease of use and variety of recipes bribe even the staunchest opponents of the experiments. And cinnamon for weight loss relatively safe. How to apply exotic product and any scheme of improvement of figures to choose?

cinnamon for weight loss

The beneficial properties of cinnamon for weight loss

Cinnamon is an all – natural product. Known to all Housewives incense brown nothing but a dried bark of an evergreen shrub of the Lauraceae family. A plant grows in hot tropical countries – India, Brazil, Egypt, Vietnam, found on the plantations of Sri Lanka and Sumatra. It has long been a spice used in cooking and cosmetology. The beneficial properties are numerous and are determined by its chemical composition:

  • coumarin (organic compound, which is responsible for the aroma of spices);
  • various acids;
  • tanning substances;
  • essential oil;
  • resin;
  • gum;
  • vitamins (ascorbic acid, Niacin, thiamin, pyridoxine, Pantothenic acid);
  • choline;
  • minerals (phosphorus, copper, zinc, sodium, calcium, selenium, iron, manganese, magnesium).

By the way, cinnamon is the leader among the spices on the content of manganese, iron and calcium. Doctors suggest to immediately include it in the diet to all those who are experiencing deficiency of these substances.

Despite proven health benefits, confirmed by "baggage" of nutrients, many people who lose weight tend not to trust a fragrant product, considering it fat burning properties is nothing more than a myth. Indeed, without harm to Wellness per day you can eat a strictly limited amount of spice – not more than 2 teaspoons. How you can achieve any effect with such a small volume? Easily, usually because the seasoning is complemented by a strong fat burning. Tandem with such allows it to act powerfully and quickly:

  • to improve metabolism;
  • to normalize the blood sugar level;
  • to eliminate the cholesterol plaques;
  • to restore the organs of the excretory system;
  • to cleanse the body of toxins;
  • to neutralize free radicals;
  • to normalize the bowel, stomach and liver;
  • enrich with additional energy;
  • to reduce the risk of emotional overload.

Additionally fragrant plant strengthens the immune system, improves memory and helps you focus.

Specifically for intensive weight loss spice the following useful:

  1. Normalization of blood sugar levels and the influence on the viscosity of the latter lead to a decrease in hunger. This means that the likelihood of snacking between meals is minimized.
  2. Regular use teaches the body the proper energy consumption, which prevents its accumulation in the subcutaneous fat particularly in problem areas.
  3. When injected into the stomach a spice performs transport-conducting function. Simply put, it helps better absorption and assimilation of nutrients from food. This speeds up the metabolism, which starts the process of splitting of fat.
  4. During the reception, spices blocking occurs depends on flour and sugar. Because this point is important in any diet, the weight will go away faster.

Understanding how the effect on the body and weight Eastern spice, you need to understand one important thing – the correct choice of product. The highest quality reach the market from the plantations of Sri Lanka. Grown on Sumatra, in India, Egypt and other places, the product has a sharper aroma and has a delicate taste.

The diversity of plants that are found in the same supermarkets, and all can corner. To weight loss occurred with the comfort, and the results did not disappoint, you need to examine every:


To find the original sticks is not easy: in many shops and supermarkets sell fake products which you can recognize by the color and aroma. If you were able to find a quality product, at home it should be crushed into powder.

Interesting. One cinnamon stick is several layers of tree bark. Familiar look they get immediately after separation from the plant. Further the tube is dried and sold as seasoning. Thus the thinner the crust, the more pleasant aroma.


As in the case of sticks, to find a quality brown powder difficult. Themselves importers say that about 70% of the product is a low grade cinnamon bark tree Cassia. But even despite the difficulties, users prefer to lose weight with powder. It is convenient.


Oil plants are many times more effective than sticks and powder (contraindications, therefore, also more). Has the product and wide range of effects. First, you can add it to fat burning meals and cocktails. Secondly, to apply for beauty treatments: massages, wraps, prepare a scrub.


The effectiveness of cinnamon in the issue of weight management and weight loss allowed doctors to develop a few schemes of its use. To choose a diet should be based on the number of excess weight and the intended result, its own taste preferences and capabilities of the organism.

Least a long is a day the option can be repeated 1 or 2 times a week. It is best to combine the spice with yogurt. Fermented milk perfectly complements the taste of the plant and enhances its beneficial qualities. Menu one-day program is ridiculously simple: during the day you should drink only kefir cocktail with cinnamon, drinking 250 ml for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

There are several recipes for cocktail. If losing weight is performed using it for the first time, it is better to start with a classic: a glass of fresh yogurt add a teaspoon of powder. For oxygenation cocktail before drinking down. To enhance the fat burning properties of the drink, you can add a little grated ginger root. The most powerful action is the cocktail that is administered not only ginger, but also a pinch of ground red pepper. If these recipes do not help to overcome hunger, you can add a little honey or oatmeal. In the latter case, get a great fat burning meal. For improvement of flavoring qualities of the drink you can use a handful of berries or unsweetened fruit.

Important! Fasting day on yogurt with cinnamon helps to lose weight 1-3 kg, the Maximum is achieved when using red pepper and ginger.

A lot of people prefer to continue the one-day diet for three days, so trying to get rid of more kilos. Nutritionists believe this approach is harmful, noticing that stomach and body in General can be applied tremendous harm. In any case, to apply the proposed programme is not possible in the presence of chronic diseases of the digestive system.

Effective (7 days)

Seven-day diet cinnamon is one of the best methods for rapid weight loss and elimination of volume without harm to the skin. Provides strict, you'll be the poor diet and severe restrictions. This being said, it is quite clear that diet is only recommended for healthy people. If there is a breach in the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and liver, and cardiovascular system, better to find another way to lose weight.

diet with cinnamon

So, menu for all seven days is based on this scheme:

  • Breakfast: cereal porridge with half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, bread with small amount of butter.
  • Lunch: casserole of low-fat cottage cheese.
  • Lunch (optional): a piece of lean fish, beef, seafood, boiled brown rice, mushrooms a Cup of fermented milk beverage with the addition of a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.
  • Afternoon snack: green tea with grated ginger root.
  • Dinner: one boiled egg, carrot-cabbage salad with olive oil and a pinch of cinnamon powder.

The expected loss in strict compliance with menu – 5 pounds in a week. To achieve the effect of mandatory correct drinking regime – at least 1.5 litres of clean water.

If the body responded to the diet properly and did not respond side effects such as abdominal pain, nausea and dizziness after a month the program can be repeated.

Gentle (for 2 weeks)

Two-week diet is based on the use of the Eastern product and cheese. To what extent the program is comparable to healthy diet for weight loss and is ideal for those who lead a moderately active lifestyle. There are negative – critical of the small number of substances, which is bad for regular training. In addition, the abundance of cheese in the menu is seen as negative point for people who don't feel particular love or just not able to consume in large quantities due to the characteristics of the organism.

The diet should look like the following:

  • Breakfast: any healthy dish (porridge with water or low-fat milk, fruit salad, healthy sandwich with greens and boiled meat), and black unsweetened coffee with the addition of half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Through the day you need to eat 100 grams of cottage cheese with a teaspoon of 10% of sour cream and a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon.
  • Lunch: orange or Apple.
  • Lunch: vegetable salad, a serving of brown rice with a small piece of boiled chicken breast.
  • Afternoon snack: baked Apple with honey and cinnamon.
  • Dinner: casserole of zucchini, tomatoes and cabbage, 100 grams of cheese with spice.

Before you consume a spice in the framework of this program for weight loss, you must see a doctor and confirm the absence of any stomach problems. It is important to know that missing is allergic to cheese.

Minimum plumb in fourteen days diet is 7 kg. If you wish to lose weight can be resumed after 2 months.

Long-term (3-4 weeks)

Few people know, but you can reduce weight with consumption of spices is possible without rigid diet. How to approach this method? First, use it regularly. Second, set a goal to start eating healthy food, eliminating from the diet of fast food, fatty foods and fried foods. Thirdly, to replace dinner drink with spices, drinking it no later than 19:00. The ideal solution would be tea with cinnamon. For weight loss it is no less good than for relaxation before sleep. How to brew? The best was this recipe:

  1. A tube of herbs pour 500 ml of boiling water and leave for 1 hour.
  2. Put a container of spice on the fire and heat well without bringing to a boil.
  3. Into the teapot to fill a tablespoon of green tea and pour the water with the cinnamon.

Before drinking, you can add to the tea a bit of buckwheat honey. Only the product should be fresh and of good quality. Also, sometimes one can put turmeric (pinch) to achieve a choleretic effect.

Daily caloric intake while healthy eating is determined independently, so it depends on the size of the portions. Too much is not worth it, otherwise, it will slow down the process of weight reduction.

Diet need, guided by the list of recommended products:

  • mushrooms, beans, berries, nuts, greens;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • candied fruits, dried fruits;
  • dairy products;
  • cereal;
  • eggs;
  • meat;
  • fish and seafood;
  • natural vegetable oils;
  • bitter chocolate, marmalade, homemade jam, marshmallow, candy, honey;
  • rye and whole wheat bread;
  • tea, coffee, smoothies, fresh juices, cocktails.

Salt and sugar are consumed in limited quantities. Alcoholic and carbonated beverages are strictly prohibited. The exception is red wine, not more than 2 glasses per week.

Menus can be configured. As an example, will fit the following (instead of dinner used tea with cinnamon!):


drinks with cinnamon
  • Breakfast: oatmeal with milk and nuts and honey, a slice of rye bread, black coffee with a minimal amount of sugar.
  • Lunch: fresh Apple (can be baked with spices and honey).
  • Lunch: soup on low-fat meat broth, boiled potatoes with herbs and butter, a glass of fresh juice.
  • Afternoon snack: yogurt with ginger (you can add spices on the tip of a knife).


  • Breakfast: baked cheesecakes with fat-free sour cream, one boiled egg, green tea with honey.
  • Lunch: a handful of berries.
  • Lunch: fish soup, a piece of boiled beef, salad with tomato, cucumber and herbs, and fresh juice.
  • Afternoon snack: a glass of sour milk (add a little spices).


  • Breakfast: two boiled eggs, wholegrain bread with cheese, black coffee and two pieces of dark chocolate.
  • Lunch: a few kiwi.
  • Lunch: soup, a piece of boiled chicken, steam asparagus, citrus fresh.
  • Snack: cottage cheese with herbs.


  • Breakfast: cottage cheese casserole, herbal tea with marshmallows.
  • Lunch: a handful of dried fruit.
  • Lunch: soup, baked fish with vegetables, tea with lemon and honey.
  • Afternoon snack: milk cocktail fruit (you can introduce a little spice and ginger).


  • Breakfast: rice milk, handful berries, coffee with milk, piece of dark chocolate.
  • Lunch: half a grapefruit.
  • Lunch: chicken broth, sautéed vegetables, chicken cutlet, fresh berry juice.
  • Dinner: a glass of curdled milk or kefir.


  • Breakfast: oven baked cheese cakes with a dollop of sour cream, a sandwich with a slice of cooked beef and tomato, chamomile tea with honey or jam.
  • Lunch: a pear.
  • Lunch: chicken soup, salad with vegetables and cheese, a glass of orange juice.
  • Snack: cottage cheese with herbs (you can add spices).


  • Breakfast: corn porridge with milk, coffee with cream and sugar, candy.
  • Lunch: salad with Apple, pear and kiwi.
  • Lunch: onion soup, zrazy, steam cauliflower, a Cup of green tea (with cinnamon).
  • Afternoon snack: Cup of yogurt.

Not to get off the diet and not to forget that instead of dinner, use the tea with the spice, at first it is better to paint the menu for each day. But if in advance to buy food, not have to constantly visit the shops and be tempted by harmful food.