Corset slimming abdomen and sides — Remove the fat easily and quickly!

What do we know about the corset, which is so recommended for weight loss? Almost every woman dreams of a slim waist, but is not always possible to achieve this effect. In such cases, use a corset for weight loss belly and sides. This product is of different types. Before buying it is important to determine which option to choose and what are the contraindications. Let's find out what is the charm of the corset, its features, and how to wear.


The principle of operation of corsets

Corsets for weight loss are manufactured using spiral ribs and a rigid frame. They are impregnated with special substances that break down fat during extended wear. These products are also of linen. But it is worth considering what they contribute to high sweating, it is best to wear at home.

In many of the most problematic areas are the abdomen, flanks. This corset slimming abdomen and sides helps hide any problem zones. Before you buy a product, it is necessary to know what it does. It not only allows you to conceal flaws, but also over time helps to eliminate body fat.

Trahit corset consists of the following layers:

  1. The outer is made from polyester, nylon, lycra or spandex. Stretch fabric not only shape the silhouette, but also to maintain the muscle tone. Attenuante properties contribute to bone, consui into the fabric.
  2. The middle layer is made of neoprene. This fabric allows you to create a sauna effect. When wearing underwear accelerates blood circulation, and improves metabolism and increases the production of sweat.
  3. The inner layer is often made from cotton. It absorbs moisture.

Such designs not only trahunt waist, but and reduce fat on the flanks and belly.

Tip! Some manufacturers add to the fabric of pepper that allows you to get a warming effect.

The advantages and disadvantages of a corset for weight loss

slimming corset

Choosing corset slimming abdomen and sides, examine not only the reviews on the Internet, but also the opinion of doctors. Because this product has its contraindications.

So, we will note the pros:

  • Fast effect correction.
  • Weight reduction due to the sauna effect.
  • Getting rid of cellulite on waist, sides and belly.
  • The appetite becomes less.

If there are problems with the circulatory system and urogenital wise to consult with a doctor.

And here's the cons:

  • Irritation of the skin when sweating.
  • Occurs oxygen starvation of tissues.
  • The lung volume becomes smaller.
  • There is a burning sensation when you use special impregnation.
  • Inflammation in the esophagus.
  • Is formed acid reflux heartburn.

To avoid many problems, it is not necessary to wear this item. You do not need much to tighten the laces.

Tip! You cannot wear a corset for pregnant women and children.

Varieties of corsets

Before you buy any option, you should determine the type of the product. The understanding of the characteristics of a product will facilitate your choice.

A neoprene waist

newpriority belt

This material has good elasticity. Due to this property it can be positioned freely around the waist and secured firmly. This product is made of three materials. Decorative outside layer is a smooth fabric with stretchable feature. Inside is a neoprene airtight material. The belt is invisible under clothing and can be worn during the day.

Tip! Warm up with this belt occurs during active movements.

Corset with sauna effect

This option is similar to the previous one, but additionally equipped with a special heating element that is powered by batteries or network. The temperature is monitored with a sensor. Turn on such a device manually or automatically. While wearing the belt creates a sauna effect, which contributes to the gradual reduction of body fat.

When using this product be sure to respect the following rules:

  1. One influence must last no longer than 10 minutes. Only day you can do 5 of these approaches.
  2. The course lasts a month, then need a break of two weeks.
  3. The procedure is performed in an hour after a meal.
  4. To enhance efficiency, you can take a hot herbal decoctions.
  5. Not recommended before a session to apply to the skin cosmetic products. This can cause irritation.
  6. After the procedure the skin should be washed with cool water.

Tip! If the skin is very sensitive, this belt can be worn on top of shirt.

Massage corset

massage corset

Using this option turns out to be a physical impact on areas of concern. This improves blood circulation and accelerates the metabolism. Such product is equipped with a special device, cause the vibration that allows you not only to fight with body fat, but also relieve the spine and correct posture. It must be applied for 10-15 minutes a day, but only a half or two hours after a meal. Immediately after the session also should not eat, need time to digestive system came back to normal.

Tip! This type of belt is suitable as a relaxing device after physical training.

Model latex

Latex corset for weight loss belly and sides is becoming increasingly popular. At its creation used the rubber, which is safe and hypoallergenic. This zone has a remarkable effect if it is to wear during a workout. During active movements it creates in areas of concern to the sauna effect and promotes better weight loss. Model for sport has no hard corset, so it comfortable to train and move around even during the day.

Aliquam product comprises three layers:

  1. Outside is lycra, which protects the product from deformation.
  2. In the middle is natural latex, which creates a sauna effect. This displays the fluid from the fat folds.
  3. Inside the cotton.

Tip! If latex corset designed for sport, it can only be worn during training. The maximum time that it is possible to go to four hours.

Belt conceptus

There are products, one of which layers is impregnated with a special burning compound. It is used to heat the surface of the skin, improving metabolism, blood circulation and sweating. This option is similar to wraps. The zone will benefit, if you do not follow recommendations for proper nutrition. This option is suitable as additional funds.

Tip! With a strong ardens belt should be immediately removed. Wearing hot lingerie can lead to burns and even blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

Corset for waist

corset for waist

This type of product is different modeling effect. It can be used to create a thin waist on the background of magnificent forms.

There are two types of these belts:

  • Tulip with corrective effect suitable for women of low height with a curvaceous figure.
  • Hourglass shape with flat bottom and top. Recommended for tall girls with great physique.

Tip! You can't sleep in attenuante linen. It may cause severe side effects.

Belt for the abdomen

This option is called cellulite. It has a unique structure that provides suspendisse effect on the skin surface and deeper layers. In the result, the blood circulation is stimulated, and the tissues receive more oxygen. Fades orange peel and folds. The waist is also reduced.

Tip! Choose a belt that is not difficult to breath, and also not to increase the compression ratio.

Corset camisole

This product is worn under clothing that allows you to adjust the shape to maintain the shape, hide the folds on the back and to disguise the stomach. Made from dense fabric. The clasps fasten in the front. This option allows you to reduce the waist by 2 cm tank helps to eliminate many of the shortcomings of the figure. It can put not only full of girls, but thin, who want a more upright posture.

Tip! Severe tightening may lead to fracture of the lower ribs. Powerful compression causes a redistribution of the authorities. At the same time with the abdominal organs can be a serious problem.

Corset slimming abdomen and sides: how to choose?

When you buy corset-lace-up you need to pay attention to appearance and price. Qualitative models are made of durable and expensive materials.

So the rules of choosing a corset:

  1. When you buy products from conceptus, to clarify their composition. Some components may cause allergies.
  2. Choose the size carefully, as linens are not your size will cause a lot of inconvenience.
  3. To determine the size, capto waist and pick up the product at 15 cm less.
  4. The fitting should not cause pain, otherwise they will only intensify.
  5. Pay attention to the color and style. If the product is to be used as underwear, it is best to choose neutral shades.

Tip! Do not wear attenuante linen with skin problems, as it is tight to the body and can cause aggravation.

The rules of wearing

how to wear a corset

To weight loss was convenient and safe, you need to use the following guidelines:

  1. After buying corset should be used. During the first weeks it should be worn for 30-40 minutes. Thus it is necessary to tighten by 5 cm, and then at 8-10 cm
  2. Don't need too tight ad sorvatsya. The corset should be comfortable to sit and walk. Movement should not coarctant.
  3. Better not to wear the same belt for more than 5 hours a day.
  4. You should not wear it on bare skin.
  5. Wearing should be combined with proper nutrition and sports.
  6. You should not wear such clothing during menstruation.

Before going out in a corset, it must be like at home. After all, to take it harder than in the normal state. It is important to wear a corset, because failure to do so may cause the appearance of side effects.

Tip! The inner layer should always be sewn from natural fabrics which absorb moisture and do not cause allergies.

Specifics of weight loss with corset

It is important when wearing such a belt to stick to the diet. Need to limit consumption of sugar and fats. To feed should be fractional, and that means small portions, but often.
attenuante linen easier to carry on a half-empty stomach. It is important to consume enough water. Need to drink often but in small SIPS.

For weight loss mean a great workout. Classes in attenuante linen to enhance the effect. For these purposes, you should use a special training option.


Corsets can harm health, which is worth knowing. For example, frequent wearing and strong utgivna can cause severe displacement of internal organs. That, in turn, can lead to problems in the field of genitourinary and menstrual disorders.

It is worth considering that such clothes may cause intense sweating, resulting in severe loss of body fluids.

Prolonged use on the skin may experience irritation and allergic reactions. Strong compression reduces the volume of air flowing into the lungs. When this tissue is poorly supplied with oxygen, and develops the metabolic syndrome. There may be inflammation of the mucous membrane of the esophagus.

Not all corsets are good for the spine, so do not use too often.

Choosing a quality corset, you can achieve excellent results in weight loss. But we must not forget about physical exercises and limited food.