Running for weight loss — how to run to increase efficiency

In the pursuit of slimness, many girls and guys as well, tried a lot of different ways. Diets don't always give the desired result, and hour workouts at the gym exhaust the body. What to want to bring options to the ideal? In the fight against excess weight, all methods are good, but there is one proven – it is running.

running for weight loss

Probably, every morning on the way to work you did several runs past the athletes in tracksuits and sneakers. And it's not the cranks, and people who care about their health.

It turns out that if every day to run in the morning and evening for at least half an hour, you can not only get rid of avid couple of pounds and tighten up all the muscle groups to get a charge of vivacity and good mood.

The fact is that during running, the load is distributed on all the muscles evenly, slightly accelerated heartbeat, breathing quickens, all contribute to burning fat and activate the metabolism. Interested? Then you should know how much you need to run in order to lose weight and how to do it.

Running for weight loss at home. Favor

As you have already understood that the most effective way in the struggle for harmony is run. People during the run loses a lot of energy, resulting in not only the feeling of hunger blunted, but also improves the function of all systems and organs. This has a positive effect on the bowel, because it starts to actively get rid of toxins. In addition, all muscle groups are tightened and strengthened.

The benefit of running:

  • getting rid of excess weight;
  • lift all muscle groups;
  • the blunting hunger;
  • reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood;
  • excellent state of health.

Effective running weight loss. What is it?

You have trained myself to get up in the morning and run from 15 to 30 minutes, but the result is not visible? Perhaps you are doing something wrong and the body does not want to part with excess weight.

It is, to achieve the desired result, you need to listen to the recommendations of experienced coaches:

  1. To develop a habit of running gradually so that the body was not in shock from the unexpected load. Each person has their own adjustment period. It is believed that the best time for gradual adaptation is a daily Jogging for 15 minutes. For the first time this will be enough.
  2. What time do you run? In the morning, afternoon or evening? The fact that running at different times of day gives different results. So, if you run in the morning, so it is possible to strengthen blood vessels and improve work of all organs. If you run a day, it is possible to count on strengthening of a muscular corset. But if you run in the evenings, it is possible not only to strengthen all muscle groups, but also to get rid of fat and come to ideal forms. If that's your goal, then it is best to run in the evenings, because it can burn more calories.
  3. Morning Jogging also effective if you do everything by the rules. In the morning you need to start a run on an empty stomach. If you're going to run in the evening, then you need to distribute so that the load of the body to give a couple of hours before the meal or dinner after Jogging 1 hour.
  4. The best time to load: hours in the morning from 6.30 to 7.30, in the afternoon from 11 to 12 PM, afternoon from four o'clock until six in the evening.
  5. Interval running for weight loss is the most effective. It is based on the alternation of load and rest. The program can be different: walk 100 m, run the same, maximum load-also sprint 100 metres. Duration interval running for half an hour. It's important not to make mistakes and to do the right thing, because the fat starts to be burned during the workout and after it in 6 hours!
  6. The alternation of runs: short and long distance, to get the body used to the load. Then you can burn more calories.
  7. Clothing for class should be comfortable, not constrain movement, light and natural fabrics. The shoes are comfortable sneakers. Girls preferably wear special slimming shorts or Capri to quickly start the process of sweating and to get rid of cellulite.
  8. Remember that running is fun and not an obligation. Therefore, running should be fun. And raise the tone will help not only positive, but also favorite music.

Running program for weight loss

Need to run constantly, need to run every day, without stopping, without a break for the weekend. If you are ready for such loads, then the best cardio workout for burning fat is running.

Program for beginners:

the benefits of running
  1. Now, let's be honest. Don't like to run? But I really want to get rid of fat and make the figure graceful? Then you need to force yourself to do. First, it will be difficult and do not just take a high rate. Start Jogging 2 times a week, then gradually added in 1 day and every 10 days you can add another workout. Remember that one of the workouts should be more intense than others.
  2. First, start exercise need slowly increasing the pace. Interval running is the best it can be in combating fat. 3 sets of 15 minutes – if this pace is for you, forward to new successes. Breaks between sets – 2-3 minutes. Rested, again to run forward. The Jogging speed set in the range of 10 km per hour. If it is less, do not lose heart, it doesn't work the first time.
  3. If time to exercise a little, select a half hour. During this time, you must first loosen up a bit, then run 30 minutes, rest 20 minutes. During the holidays don't have to sit on the bench. You can do light stretching. Again Jogging for half an hour. In the first 30 minutes of exercise fats appear in the blood, and then, if training were continued and brought to completion, actively burned fats.
  4. Another version of interval training load workout so that the muscles were ready to work. The exercise is done at an easy pace. As an option warm – up on a low hill, to descend. Now set No. 1 – run of 30 seconds with a maximum display, rest a minute, repeat again. Need to do 8 repetitions. This training is the shortest and most effective because it is equivalent to running for 45 minutes.

Jogging in place for weight loss

This form of exercise is both positive moments and negative. Let's start with the pros:

  • the load on the muscles – smooth, soft;
  • training of all systems and organs of the body;
  • run in the work of the organs of the excretory system: intensively stands out excessive moisture, toxins, metabolic products and salt;
  • tonus, good mood;
  • the time in training specifically to take no need, as soon as available 15-20 minutes, you can immediately proceed to the load;
  • to buy special clothes for running in the cold season do not need;
  • rain, snow, and strong winds not a hindrance to training;
  • opportunity to get rid of the prying eyes of passers-by;
  • the load on the spine and knee joints is minimal.

Cardio workout for weight loss:

  1. Running simple stop to smoothly move from heel to toe, and alternate right and left legs very quickly. The knee – do not lift high. Stomach, torso to keep straight, arms can be clamped to the sides or bent at the elbows. The hands can be moved in the same way as when running.
  2. Running with the jump – in floor applies only to the arch of the foot. As soon as you felt resistance, you need to sharply bounce up and change the leg. The legs do not bend, it is desirable that the knees remain in the bent condition at the time of the jump and pushing away from the floor. Press strain to the maximum, to take the weight off the lower back.
  3. Run the "Shuttle" is an exercise in Jogging does not seem to be more on movement in the room. Need to run from wall to wall, turn around, run back. Running is a few steps here and there. With such a load well burn calories, because it involves all muscles.
  4. In this training plan is very difficult to perform one exercise, doing many repetitions. It's tiring and gets old quickly. To avoid such situation, you need to alternate walking with running (plus jumps). 5 minutes – regular walking, running with jumps – 2 minutes. The number of repetitions from 3 to 5.
  5. The second workout, run for 5 minutes in place alternated with jumping jacks (involving both legs), the training duration is only 1 minute. Running jumping good to alternate with jumping rope (2 minutes). The number of repetitions from 3 to 5.
  6. The third practice – running on the spot, knees up as high as possible, duration – 4 minutes. It was warm, now Shuttle run for 2 minutes, 5 minutes running on the spot. Repeat 4 times.
  7. Completed exercise at home run with jumps – 2 minutes walking, plus strength exercises.
  8. Don't forget that you will need to eat correctly.

Running or walking for weight loss?

Which is better walking or running? An experienced coach will advise you to choose running, each his own. Why, we learn further:

  • pay attention to the degree of physical fitness, plus consider the weight and age. If you have excess weight (obesity), heart disease, joints, changes in the spine, running is contraindicated. Then walking – the best that can be advised, because of the type of load no contraindications;
  • if the body adapts to the loads, no problems with joints and spine, you can safely run.

The difference of run from walking:

  1. Walking strengthens muscles in the legs. Running – back muscles, thighs, buttocks, Breasts.
  2. Big there is a certain "flight" walk – absent. Load impact is less when walking, which is good for people with excess weight.
  3. Running is an increased load on the heart and other organs, walking is less traumatic.
  4. If you are not important "drying", then it is better walking, because running burned muscle tissue and then fat.
  5. If you want to achieve visible results within a short period, then only running. To improve well-being and good mood – walking. To achieve results when walking, you have to walk 5-6 km, i.e., to make more than 10K steps per workout. If training is to run with weights, then the result is walking will be visible faster.
  6. Hiking load – the ability to relax and think about something else, big – on the contrary, to escape from all thoughts.
  7. If you choose running, you need to monitor pulse rate. Norma – 120-135 BPM, an excellent result for the effective weight-loss.

Running on the treadmill for weight loss

The main trainer for the cross country sport is track. She will help out in the cold, frost, rain and snow – in General, when the weather outside is not favourable, and the training process can not be stopped. To train on a treadmill properly.

How to do it, read on:

  1. And you know what the difference between a treadmill from running outside? The sports equipment is depreciation, so the load on the joints is less than Jogging on asphalt. So you need to take this into account and to choose the right shoes.
  2. To run in the hall on the track is much nicer than on the street. But it is impossible to compensate for the fresh air and the saturation of the body with oxygen. In the hall all this can be compensated only open wide open Windows or good ventilation system.
  3. Speed and pulse. Don't hurry, help the load to the pulse stopped at around 120-140 beats per minute. The load must gradually increase as the body quickly gets used.
  4. Enhance efficiency: to enable the exerciser on the acceleration, plus the correct angle. It turns out interval running with pumping the muscles of the buttocks and reduced load on the front leg muscles.
  5. The alternating loads – 5 minutes of running with the slope, the original location of the track. If you have such a normal load, then you need to change something, because the body quickly gets used to rely on efficient fat burning is impossible.

Training plan on the treadmill:

  • warm up for 10 minutes. The pace is relaxed, from 4 to 6 kilometers per hour;
  • the bias supply 6 degrees (you can start with 3), the speed is not increased. Duration – 5 minutes;
  • a zero tilt angle, the maximum speed of 9 km per hour, Jogging for 2 minutes;
  • running 60 seconds – the speed limit for your body;
  • repetitions: exercises 1,2,3 again up to 4 times (depends on fitness). If time is short, we need to increase the angle and speed, and repetitions to do 2 times.

About contraindications for treadmill: this load is dangerous for the knee joints. If there are no problems, you can safely run, and if there is discomfort, pay attention to running technique. Perhaps you are doing something wrong or not perfect shoes.

Contraindications for Jogging on a treadmill:

  • high blood pressure;
  • pressure drop.
  • heart palpitations;
  • disorders of the cardiovascular system.

How to run. Common mistakes

  1. First and common mistake of new runners is a high rate without proper training. Everyone wants to take the bar high. The result – fatigue, health problems. You should start slowly with short distances.
  2. Frequency of training – including physical conditioning. You should start with 2 times a week, gradually adding in exercise. The day could write more than a grueling workout, and run your own pleasure.
  3. Selection of shoes: not all sneakers can be suitable for Jogging. Buy professional running shoes.
  4. Do not ignore signs of your body. If something hurts, something is probably damaged tendons or ligaments. Listen to the pain, to learn to distinguish their state. If it's just delayed onset muscle soreness is one thing, but if a serious violation is another.
  5. Running "Jogging" even half an hour a day does not guarantee fat burning. If this type of physical exercise you like, you have pretty sweat, because the fat starts to split after 50-60 minutes such workout. If you want to run "dry" without the loss of muscle mass, the long run is undesirable.
  6. Running time – the average workout length for the beginner 10 minutes for 2 weeks. If everything is OK and well being – gradually add 5-10 minutes. For exercise and recreation stands out from 3 to 5 minutes. Jogging it is advisable to combine with a focus on the problem area (weight training).
beautiful body

Engage in pleasure and then the run will bring a great result!