How to lose 10 kg fast and without harm to health

How to lose weight 10 kg? What should be the perfect power supply system that allows in the shortest possible time to lose such a significant amount of weight? These questions excite the minds of a whole army of fatties, dreaming to become more slender and to give the graceful shape of her voluptuous figures. Nutritionists and fitness trainers propose to solve the problem comprehensively and to combine sound menu with regular exercise. This approach will allow to get rid of unsightly fat deposits for a reasonable amount of time and without harm to health.

how to lose 10 kg

If it is urgent, or How to lose 10 kg very fast

For 3 days you can do many things, for example, fall in love, quit my job and find a new guy. That's only be for 10 kg slimmer impossible. Even if you completely refused to eat and drink, to lose such amount of weight you will not succeed. And don't go on the Internet nerds who claim that they know how to quickly and effectively remove excessive fat promptly. Usually, those ads are the people who want to sell you the "unique miracle tool" for a very large sum of money. Their goals are extremely selfish and no results is no guarantee. But health problems from the use of questionable pharmaceuticals to more than likely.

For those interested in how to lose weight with water in a week to 10 kg, we will reply – no way! So-called water diet, is considered to be highly effective, provides a 7 days a loss of only 2-3 kg or 4-5 kg in a very large (100 kg) initial weight losing weight. So, if you are serious to get rid of extra pounds, get ready to spend some time (from 1 month up to 3). The objective reality is that to lose 10 pounds in a week without dieting, diets or even very actively playing sports simply impossible.

Diet to lose weight for 10 GK: the Method of "10X10"

This system belongs to the category of hard, but those who think how to lose 10 kg as quickly as possible, it's not scary. The program's developers promise that after 10 days of rigorous and strict diet you will definitely get the desired result and will find attractive forms.

The rule of "tens" of simple but binding.

  • The main role in the daily menu is given to the squirrels. Carbohydrate foods are consumed no more than 20g a day. Due to this, the body starts to look for new sources of energy and causes the metabolism to the intensive burning of internal fat. The level of glucose in the blood lines, becomes higher susceptibility to insulin, disappear lethargy and apathy, and the General condition and mood improved greatly.
  • In the list of prohibited foods made fatty milk, all kinds of sausage products, marinades and spicy sauces, baking, flour and sugar, alcohol both weak and strong, vegetables with a high content of starchy substances (beets, potatoes, carrots, etc.), legumes and corn, fruit juice concentrates, nuts, liver, pies, fast food food and sweet drinks.
  • Among the dishes are allowed lean meat (beef, veal, rabbit meat), Turkey and chicken fillet of sea fish, cheese, eggs and fat-free yogurt. Vegetables you can eat tomatoes (except varieties of cherry), cucumbers, cabbage (NAPA, cauliflower, cabbage), radishes, zucchini, eggplant, radish, asparagus, sorrel, lettuce, young onions, spinach, mushrooms and celery. Acceptable to season the greens with a small amount of olive oil. Fruits are allowed only once on day 6 of course for weight loss.
  • There should be strictly 5 times a day, making equal intervals between meals. This mode stimulates the activity of metabolism and forces the body to work better and clearer. The daily ratio of proteins to vegetables 2 to 1. Dinner is to be held no later than 20.00. After this is strictly forbidden, even if you plan to go to bed after midnight.
  • The drinks are suitable broth hips without sugar, unsweetened green tea and filtered water (at least two liters per day). Half an hour before a planned meal is a must to take 1-2 standard glasses of pure non-carbonated water. This will allow you not to overeat and protects the body from constipation.
  • Meat and fish is recommended to cook in a double boiler and bake in the oven or on the grill. Fill the vegetable mixture can be a small amount of olive oil with a few drops of lemon juice. To wash down meals is strictly prohibited.
  • The first half of the course is the most difficult, but in order to ensure that you lose weight, you can a little patience. Try not to dwell on negative thoughts, as often as possible outdoors, walk, walking, water treatments, go for a massage and concentrate on pleasant things.
  • Seriously strengthen the effect of dietary course of physical activity. If you have no time to visit gym and to go Jogging, try to walk to work or at least not to use the Elevator and go up to any desired floor by stairs. In addition, you can carry house a set of diverse exercises which will help to quickly burn calories and give the body flexibility and attractiveness.
  • The result was fixed, and the extra pounds didn't come back, you need to very carefully get out of the diet. 2 weeks after finishing the course you need to gradually increase the volume of servings and calories of the ingredients used. Sweet, fatty and smoked food, it is advisable to consume very limited, but about a large meal at night is better to forget forever. And then the problem of excess weight more won't bother you.
diet for weight loss

How to lose 10 kg without damage to health: exercises to practice at home

  1. Begin the lesson with a warm-up. Running in place with raised knees – 3 minutes, men – 3 minutes. Bending forward, backward, right, left 15 times. The slow rotation of the pelvis right/left 10 times. Mahi hands in front of him "scissors" - 20 times.
  2. Burn fat and make better the muscles of the waist and legs. Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Carefully tend to the right while lifting the left arm above the head. Ensure that hips do not change position, and back were flat, not bending forward or back. Return to the starting position and repeat exercise in other party. Perform 3 sets of 20. Break – 1.5 to 2 minutes.
  3. Lose weight and swing of the press. Laying on my back. Legs bent at the knees, feet pressed to the floor, hands behind his head. Raise the upper part of the body and are drawn closer to the knees. Then slowly return to the starting position. Beginners are recommended to start with two approaches on 10 times and gradually bring the result up to 3 sets of 20 repetitions.
  4. Do flat belly and remove the fat from the sides. Lie on your back with your hands placed palms down under the buttocks. Raised to a height of 15-20 cm, elongated, completely flat feet and alternately crossed them. Start with 10-15 repetitions and do 3 sets.
  5. Strengthen the waist and give it a nice twist. Lie on your side. One arm behind head, the second rests on the palm in the floor in front of the stomach. Simultaneously raise both legs as high as possible. For a few seconds fix the lift and fall back. After 10 retries to turn on the other side. Administered not less than 2 approaches.

These exercises should be performed at home daily. This is best done an hour before meals or three hours after it. At this level of training intensity you will not even need a diet. To lose weight 10 kg, only one physical education you will spend about 3 months.

Is it possible to lose 10 pounds in a month and how to do it?

Among attendees of women's popular portals and forums, many of those who lost 10 kg in a month. Reviews these girls are full of advice and recommendations, so to speak, "from personal experience". Mostly newly thin people argue that such a prolonged process it is possible not to use any particular method, but simply make adjustments in your regular diet.

  • Refrain from "fast" carbs. They are absorbed almost instantly, however, does not suppress hunger, and just stored as fat on waist, belly and hips.
  • Do not eat at night. Better to dine in 18, up to a maximum of 19 hours. If you feel in the evening a haunting feeling of hunger, his need to quench it. But not a sandwich and sweet tea, and a small portion of buckwheat porridge, a Cup of yogurt or a piece of lean fish. Fruit in the afternoon is not necessary to use, as they significantly raise the sugar level in the blood.
  • Go to bed not later than 23 hours. In the night period (from 0 to 2 hours), the body produces a special hormone that activates fat burning in adults.
  • Do not overeat and do not extend the volume of the stomach. By doing this regularly, you will cease to get enough of the usual portion and will load the body with unnecessary amounts of food. This will affect not only the shape but also on health.
  • Refrain from soft drinks and drink only mineral water, pure or melt water. This way you will clean your internal organs of toxins, toxins and harmful substances necessary to restore water balance and improve the skin condition.
  • Move as much as possible. It does not matter whether it's cardio training, comprehensive classes for weight loss, daily morning run or the elementary charge. Most importantly, to devote to physical activity at least 40-60 minutes daily.

Compliance with these simple rules will allow you to easily lose 10 pounds in a month and in 3 months you will receive excellent health and shape of your dreams.