Effective diet for weight loss the sides and belly : menu, description, products

Motivation for ladies of any age to gain slim is usually a need to acquire the image of the successful woman or the desire to look attractive in certain conditions. To remove the belly and flanks, will have to work hard, choosing effective methods with the inclusion of a special system of nutrition, physical activity in the complex or in the local view.

principles of the diet

Key principles

If you understand the necessity of dieting, you must learn some principles that contribute to the success of the event:

  • Breakfast is a prerequisite of a rational mode;
  • the number of meals increased to six times, allowing you to cut portions;
  • dinner in the easy option would be to have at least three hours before bedtime;
  • the daily rate of purified water is about two liters;
  • intensive promote weight loss well-chosen training in combination with a diet.

At the stage of preparation to the diet need psychological disposition. It is impossible to achieve a positive result, if there is no internal motivation. In the event of severe discomfort due to limitations in food preferences, it is advisable to wait some time to gradually accustom themselves to the idea that removing fat from your abdomen and back will make the look attractive and will enhance self-esteem.

Permitted foods

There is a list of low-calorie foods, allowing you to make a balanced diet without harm to health:

  • milk, yogurt, unsweetened yogurt;
  • grains and cereals;
  • fruits, herbs, berries, vegetables;
  • dietary fish and meat;
  • legumes;
  • nuts; eggs.

When menu planning focuses on its diversity. No need to get involved with food, the maximum depleted in carbohydrates or fats needed to sustain the organism.

harmful products

Prohibited products

The basic guide for the pursuit of weight loss there are products that have to be excluded from the diet:

  • bakery products;
  • sweets;
  • alcohol;
  • marinades, pickles, smoked flavor;
  • butter;
  • sausages, canned food;
  • sweetened carbonated beverages.

If the list of recommended products include those from which you find it difficult to give up right away, you should start to limit. Replace fried foods for baked, boiled, steamed.


Most effective diet involves the consumption of carbohydrate and protein foods on different days.

The most classic option is a four-day scheme of alternation of the daily diet during the month:

1 – day 2 (protein):

  • Breakfast. Steam omelet. Salad made from fresh cucumber mixed with herbs. For the filling, use lemon juice. Tea without sugar.
  • The second Breakfast. Low-fat cheese – 100 g
  • Lunch. Chicken fillet, baked without oil. Grapefruit.
  • An afternoon snack. Lean beef (100 g), stewed in the oven with green beans.
  • Dinner. Steam broccoli. Boiled lean fish. May be sprinkled with a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil.
  • Before going to sleep. Protein shake from whey (350 ml) low-fat cottage cheese (100 g) and half a banana.
carbohydrate days diet

3 day (carbohydrate):

  • Breakfast. Oatmeal with added dried fruit with milk (200 g).
  • The second Breakfast. A half Cup of nuts or an Apple.
  • Lunch. Boiled or baked chicken with a side of brown rice.
  • An afternoon snack. Buckwheat porridge, flavored with a sauce of vegetables.
  • Dinner. Steam fish. Whole wheat bread.

Day 4 (combined):

  • Breakfast. Steam omelet. Oatmeal on the water with a teaspoon of honey. Unsweetened tea.
  • The second Breakfast. Two slices of toasted bread with honey. A glass of low-fat yogurt.
  • Lunch. Vegetable salad. Steam green beans with boiled chicken.
  • An afternoon snack. Cheese. Vegetable salad. Slice rye or whole grain bread.
  • Dinner. Cheese with herbs.

At observance of this diet it is usually possible for the first 10 days to get rid of 5 kg.

Looking for easier?

The most simple diet for weight loss belly and sides involves the use within one week of any one of the variety products:

  • Oatmeal

It is assumed that a weekly menu with a diet based on the consumption of oatmeal, cooked with water, for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. A single serving is 200 – 250g.

For snacking between the main meals use fruits, except grapes and bananas. Water (on average 2 litres a day) can be consumed before meals (30 minutes) and an hour after a meal.

  • Egg

This easy diet for quick weight loss provides 7 days only eat eggs (3 a day), fruit and vegetable varieties and to drink water.

There are some types of fruits that you can use, such as figs, grapes, dates, bananas. Excluded from the diet of potatoes. Required are natural weight loss, which include grapefruits and oranges.

The output of these mono-diet should be slow with a gradual introduction into the diet of low-fat boiled meat, vegetables, and dairy products.

water diet

Getting rid of the sides and belly without restrictions?

When searching for techniques that tell you how to lose weight without diet and to clean the sides and belly, you should understand that without specific restrictions, and inclusion in several of the measures do not succeed.

  • Mandatory is a full and sufficient sleep patterns.
  • After sleeping one should drink a glass of purified water.
  • Breakfast is mandatory, but without the inclusion of fat, too high-calorie dishes. It is advisable to first eat a few slices of grapefruit, and then to begin the meal.
  • Will have to reconsider food preferences, building a balanced diet. It is advisable to choose products with low fat and calories. Promotes weight loss smaller meals. In a day you should eat 5 – 6 times, then the portions will automatically be smaller. It will also allow you to not experience debilitating hunger.
  • It is necessary to increase physical activity, including mode, morning exercises, Jogging, swimming and other training.
  • Will benefit and will enable you without diet to reduce belly massage. You can learn the art of self-massage, which will save you time and money.
  • In the absence of contraindications is used for the sides and belly wraps with medicinal mud, clay or warming masks.

The desire to get rid of unsightly fat deposits will be productive, if you can psych up to change the usual flow of life.